We are in a privileged location, with a 200-meter private beach and its own dock on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, offering its visitors a warm, quiet and relaxed environment to carry out various activities.

We stand out in nautical activities, offering our guests the accompaniment of Patagonia SUP, which forms a team of specialists in various nautical sports with high experience, with all the safety elements such as life jackets and neoprene suits.


It comes from the Inuit word -eskimo-which means «clothes to walk in the water» with the idea of turning a man into a marine animal. It is a quiet activity ideal to connect with the waters and nature.

OUTTRIGGER (Canoas Hawaianas)

It is a 3,000-year-old sport & way of life. It originated in Polynesia, later reaching islands such as Hawaii, Fiji Islands, Easter Island and Samoa, using 6-person boats for fishing, hunting, transfers and many other activities. Ideal to enjoy with family.


It has its origin in the roots of the Polynesian peoples, in which the navigator uses an oar to move through the water, while standing on a surfboard. We provide personalized classes and different variables to enjoy this activity: SUP Yoga, SUP for children, outings to spend an incredible day at the Lake and SUP Baptism.


Directed especially for the little ones, offering a sailing adventure.


We offer recreational walks for small groups, so that our guests can enjoy the immensity of Lake Nahuel Huapi.
Enjoying these activities in the waters of the Campanario Arm provides a special experience with the lake and the natural environment, also developing unique experiences and group exchanges.

Winter Activities:

During the winter season we provide advice on hiring services, excursions and walks. We have exclusive bonuses for our guests in the best Ski and Snowboard schools, as well as transfers to Cerro Catedral.

Other Activities:

Do not forget to ask about other activities that can take place outside and near our cabins.
  • Fishing trips
  • Hiking Cerro Campanario
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain Bike in Peninsula San Pedro
  • Snorkeling in the lowlands of Nahuel.
  • Diving lessons